4th Grade Common Core Writing

Grant by Hannah Yazzolino

Our LESDEF Grant money was used to purchase a writing program for our grade level team. With the grant, we were able to purchase materials for all 4th grade students, as well as teacher manuals for all teachers. These materials helped us successfully implement the common core writing standards, specifically helping students understand and better develop their opinion, informational, and narrative writing skills.

We have been using the program all year and the programs layout and clear step by step writing process has been very beneficial for both us teachers and our students. We have really enjoyed having the mentor texts for the students to refer to as a model when they are writing. The rubrics and student checklists have benefited students as well. We have used the units in the Ready Writing materials to work on whole class and once the students have completed their writing they have a chance to choose a topic of their own interest and write about that. This way are able to build on the foundational knowledge of what they have learned in each unit.

The students have been excited to share their writing during writing celebrations and enjoy reading each other’s work. After handwriting their drafts, the students have been typing their final pieces of writing on chromebooks in google docs. They have shared them with me though google classroom where I am able to comment on their writing and monitor their progress. We believe this aspect is very important as writing online is a major component of 21st century learning.

We appreciate the opportunity to learn and grow from the use and implementation of this writing program this year and we know it will continue to benefit both our teaching practices and the student’s writing for years to come. Our 4th grade team was so grateful to be able to implement this because of the generous LESDEF Grant. Please see photos attached to the email for reference. Thank you so very much!