Riley's Farm - Smith 5th Grade

How was the grant spent?

                  The money was spent to pay for the admission of 86 fifth graders to Riley’s Farm and the bus transportation to the city of Yucaipa. Riley’s Farm is a working farm where actors reenact the setting and culture of the American colonies before and during the Revolutionary War. Students rotated through stations where they wrote with a quill, played popular children’s games from the 1700’s, wove on a loom, witnessed a court reenactment of a court scene, were fed a soldiers rations, learned to march carrying muskets (large sticks), and discussed the tariff system. The day culminated with a war reenactment in which all students participated as either a colonist or British soldier. 

How did this benefit Lawndale students?

                  This benefitted our Lawndale students by bringing to life the harsh realities of life from the early colonies through the Revolutionary War in the late 1700’s. Students were allowed touch items and were actively engaged to reinforce the basic ideas pertaining to Unit 6 (standard H-SS 5.6).

On behalf of all of the fifth grade students and teachers, we thank you for this once in a lifetime opportunity we shared in learning about our nation’s past. This experience will allow students to remember an intricate part of our history.

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-Smith School 5th grade Team

Cathy Walter

Clint Fisher

Daniel Orozco